5 pairs of words that look or sound similar (or same) but have different meaning

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Do you know that there are pairs of words in English which look or sound similar or even same but they carry different meanings? There are plenty of them! Unfortunately, they are confusing for many students and many people have problems with both spelling and pronunciation. Today I prepared 5 pairs of such words and I hope that this post will help you to broaden your vocabulary and teach you how to use them correctly!
RAW /rɔː/ 
definition: food or product which is not cooked
e.g. raw meat, raw vegetables
synonyms: uncooked, fresh, undone
sentence: I’m cooking a dinner, but we have to wait about 20 minutes, the chicken is still raw.
ROW /rəʊ/
definition: people or things arranged in a way that they create a line
synonyms: chain, formation
sentence: She is the most famous fashion editor, she always sits in the first row during the fashion shows.
     WIND /waɪnd/
      definition: turning the clock or watch to set time
synonyms: bend, turn
sentence: Oh no! I haven’t wound my watch and now I don’t know what time is! I wil be late for the train!
WIND /waɪnd/
definition: to wrap sth around itself or around sth else
synonyms: twist, wrap, tangle
sentence: You should put on your jacket and wind a scarf around your neck. It’s windy today.

CONTRACT /ˈkɒntrækt/ 

definition: a written legal agreement between 2 people or businesses which states what they must do or give for each other.
synonyms: agreement, deal  
sentence: OMG! Now I’m rich! I have just signed 1 mln USD contract with an oil company! 
CONTRACT /kənˈtrækt/
definition: if sth contracts, it becomes smaller, shorter
e.g. steel contracts, metal contracts, output contracts, economy contracts
synonyms: shrink, compact
sentence: In spoken English, “are not” often contracts to “aren’t”.
      ENTRANCE /ˈentrəns/

definition: the place that gives you the access to a building, room or area

e.g. garden entrance, main entrance
synonyms: entry, doorway
sentence: My boyfriends is waiting for you at the entrance to the main building.
ENTRANCE /ɪnˈtrɑːns/
definition: to make somone feel excited, impressed, enthusiastic
e.g. sth. or someone beautiful or impressive can entrance you
synonyms: inspire, attract, enchant, delight
sentence: He entranced the audience with his beautiful voice.

LABOUR /ˈleɪbə(r)/

definition: a group of workers in a particular country, industry or company
e.g. labour cost, skilled labour
synonyms: staff, workforce
sentence: Nowadays, the demand for skilled labour is very high.

LABOUR /ˈleɪbə(r)/
definition: giving birth to a baby
e.g. to go into labour
       to be in labour
synonyms: birth
sentence: She went into labour yesterday evening.
                She was in labour for 7 hours.

LABOR /ˈleɪbə(r)/
American spelling of labour

Do you know any other homophones? 🙂


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