6 tips how to prepare for your online lesson

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Online courses provide many benefits and challenges. Flexibility is the biggest advantage of taking online lessons. You can easily connect with people from all over the world, at any convenient time and from any place. You have the access to the wide range of resources which you can use to practice your skills and broaden your knowledge. The Internet connects you with anyone no matter the distance.  Saving your time is another issue. Everybody knows that “time is money”. Nowadays, we are busy and we cannot afford to spend to much time on getting from one place to another. Online lessons are perfect solution if you want to have the highest quality of service (but e.g. you live in a small city, or you choose a tutor who travels the world), you are stay-at-home parent or your working hours are inconvenient. Many people are stressed before the first online lesson, they don’t know what to expect and how to prepare. In this post you can find 6 tips which will help you to prepare for your  online class.
1. Confirm your class
It is always a good idea to reconfirm your classes with your tutor just to make sure that both of you remember about them. Treat your online course as the real one. Keep in mind that somebody is waiting for you in front of a computer. Every teacher has a different style of working and you can be charged for the lesson if you don’t connect on time.
2. Prepare your homework, notes, notebook 
Get ready! Do your homework and prepare your notebook to take notes during the classes. What is more, if you have 2 classes in a week and you get your homework it makes 4 hours of English a week 🙂 I’m the great fan of doing and giving any type of homework.
4. Check your connection 
Before your classes, check if your Internet is working properly. Just to be sure you paid your bills on time or there is no power outage 😉 I also recommend checking all of your devices such as a computer, earphones and battery.
5. Eliminate distractions
Turn off TV and mobile phone. If you live with someone ask not to disturb you and be quiet or plan your lesson when you are alone at home.
6. Create a study space
Make sure that your study place is ready for you and your lesson. Keep it clean and organized. So you will not be stressed when you will have to rush for the lesson. You can experiment to check which place provides you the highest productivity. Or maybe instead of home it will be better for you to study in a coffee shop? Try different options 🙂
I hope that you find my tips useful. After reading this article, seat back, relax and enjoy your studying!
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