6 tips how to learn English from social media

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How important is the knowledge of foreign languages? There can be only one possible answer – it is crucial. There are three most popular languages in the world – Mandarin, Spanish and English. But English is considered to be the universal one, the language in which all world communicates, and which gives you the sense of freedom and independence, because wherever you go – Asia, Africa or Middle East there will always be someone to talk to you in English. What is more, people travel, flights are quite cheap and the world became a global village. 
Due to the fact that people all over the world live fast, work a lot and try to enjoy their leisure time, they don’t have too much time to learn. Social media is one of the best sources of language materials for everyday, systematic studying. What’s more, it gives you an opportunity to practice your language regularly and to a certain level – for free. Moreover, you can easily find native speakers and speaking buddies. In this post I will show you 6 ways of using social media to learn and practice foreign languages.




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1. Find teachers’ profiles and follow them
Teachers give you their free time on Instagram preparing posts and videos on a wide range of subjects connected with learning, e.g. grammar, vocabulary, useful phrases; Follow, save and SHARE 🙂
How to find them? Just search for hashtags #englishteacher #speakenglish #practiceenglish, etc. 
2. Join groups which are connected with your interests
There are many groups on Facebook which you can easily join to practice your writing skills and expand your vocabulary on a particular subject.
3. Watch Lives to practice listening
From time to time I also connect with my students so you may have a chance to talk to me and practice speaking as well 🙂
4. Read posts and express your opinion to practice writing, comment posts
Reply to other users’ comments, share your opinion or read and translate what others write.
5. Spend some time and prepare your posts in English, also try to find and use hashtags in English
Another advantage can be getting more followers from abroad 🙂
6. Check teachers’ stories 
There is always  a range of grammar quizes, vocabulary, interesting videos with subtitles and photos.
I hope that all my tips will be useful for you and they will help you to develop your language skills. Please remember! Don’t be afraid of being active and making mistakes, people don’t know you anyway 😉  Be brave and try to get outside your comfort zone. Amazing things may happen and are waiting for you there! Good luck!
If you want to learn English on Instagram feel invited to my profile https://www.instagram.com/english_teacher_paulina/



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