6 tips how to improve and enlarge your vocabulary

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One of the most common questions which I get from my Students and Instagram followers is: “How to learn and broaden vocabulary?”. In this post I want to share with you some useful tips how to do it effectively.
Vocabulary is one of the crucial issues when it comes to learning a foreign language. If we want to speak, write and understand a language we have to know a certain range of words. What is more, the way how we speak or write shows our educational background, profession and even a social status.  If you know many words it’s also easier to communicate and you can be perceived as more intelligent. So do you want to know the secret to expand vocabulary? I’m sure you do! So please read and share my tips!
1. Little and often
A long list of single words which you have to memorize can be demotivating. Instead of learning two pages of words once a week divide it into smaller parts and learn everyday on your way to work, school, yoga class, in the bus, traffic jam or waiting room. Keep a small journal where you note your new words, so you can easily carry it with you everywhere and use any spare minute for revision.
2. Emotions, experience, memories
It is difficult to remember meaningless, empty words. If you want to learn and not forget them tomorrow, fill words with your emotions, experience or maybe childhood memories?
My parents and teachers kept telling me to read as much as possible. Reading enlarges your vocabulary and helps you to learn new grammar structures, the most important thing is that it’s all in the context, in the real life situation, not just as the list of single, meaningless sentences in your grammar workbook.
Moreover, reading stimulates your brain, it helps you to memorize and concentrate. Furthermore, you gain knowledge, so your self confidence increases and you feel better. According to psychologists, reading is perfect before you fall asleep as it relieves stress and makes you feel peaceful.
4. Don’t learn the whole groups of words
In almost every student’s book at the end of every chapter there is a vocabulary list which you should acquire. But do we really need to learn all of the words from the list? How many of them you will remember forever and use later? Such lists are packed with empty words. In my opinion it is better to read an article or some piece of news and note down words from the context. So in the end you will have 2 tasks done – you will expand your vocabulary and read 🙂
5. Play games
Learning can be fun! Invite your friends for a game night and try playing Scrabble or 5 seconds in English. Board games and vocabulary games are just like a gym for your brain. You practice concentration, reflex and creativity. They also have positive influence on your mood. What’s more, you don’t feel like learning, it’s pure fun and pleasure! And what is the most important – you spend fruitful time with your nearest and dearest 🙂
6. Test yourself
Do you like quizzes? I adore them! It’s a great way to check your vocabulary and see if you remember and practice what you have already learnt.
I strongly recommend Quizlet – https://quizlet.com/pl
I hope that this article will motivate you to read more, take notes and be regular with your studying. Let me know if you find this article useful!


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