4 reasons why you shouldn’t take a break from learning English

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I hope you’re healthy and safe. Living in “the world of the virus” is a new situation for all of us. People suffer, get ill, loose their jobs. It’s a hard time which will change us forever. Unfortunately, it won’t finish soon. We have to adopt to it and start living taking all necessary precautions. Many people resigned from their English lessons. We all thought that the virus will last for 2 – 3 weeks but it’s still here. In this article I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you SHOULDN’T take a brake from your English course.

1. Waste of money

I would like to start with the first and one of the most important issues nowadays – money. Check your bills for English lessons and see how much money you have already invested in yourself – your course 🙂 Keep in mind that if you don’t practice, you forget. We don’t know how much time we will have to stay at home. I believe that you don’t want to start it all over again..

2. Use your time effectively

Pajama and Netflix all day everyday? 😉 It’s fun but only for a short time. Try to spend your quarantine effectively. Look for some webinars, check the news in English, read and write posts. Moreover, continue your online English course. It will help you to keep weekly routine, make progress and motivate to get dressed, do your hair and make up 😀 What’s more, you can’t say: I’m too busy for learning English 😉 No excuses 😉

3. Vicious circle

Think about how many times have you started learning English? 5,6 or maybe 20? probably you remember the day and situation WHY you finally decided to invest in yourself. Think about it now. What’s your goal? Why do you want to learn English? What’s your motivation?

4. Corona will finish

Yes. One day everything will return to normal. We should be aware of the impact of the virus on the economy. Unfortunately, many people will loose their jobs. The competition on the market is increasing. In my opinion, employees will keep people who can be assigned to many different tasks. The command of a foreign language is one of the biggest advantages. What’s more, if you can speak English, you can try to find some extra job. It definitely gives you more opportunities.

Summing up, keep learning. You have already invested money in your course, you made the first step and started. Remember that corona will finish and the competition on the market will be big. Don’t wait and contact your English teacher 🙂

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