8 expressions which you can find in a job offer

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Nowadays, many companies post their job offers in English. one of my favorite websites related to job searching is LinkedIn. I love it not only because of interesting positions from all over the world but also it is a great source of knowledge related to every industry. It is like Facebook for companies, where they can promote themselves and show their current actions, events, milestones, plans and working environment. In this post I explain 8 expressions which you can find in a job offer. I hope that job offers will be more clear for you now or if you work in HR department it will be easier for you to prepare one 🙂 ENJOY!

1. Responsibilities/Accountabilities/Duties – being in charge of sth., making sure that tasks are made correctly. E.g.

  • consulting

  • supporting team members

  • coordinating

  • managing

  • maintaining

  • delivering

  • leading

2. Location – the place where the company in which a job offer is available, is located.


  • Gdańsk, PL

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, Africa)

3. Job summary/ Role description – a brief statement, general overview of functions and responsibilities of a job, providing also an organization chart, reporting scheme, etc.

4. Our team – the description of people and other positions in the department or company which you apply.


  • Dedicated team of experts.

  • The team of developers, designers and engineers.

  • Currently we employ 500+ specialists.

5. Requirements – sth. demanded in accordance with some regulations.


  • Excellent spoken and written English skills (C1 level).

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

  • Ability to identify problems and work to resolution.

6. Apply – to make an official request for a job or place at the university.

  • apply for, e.g. for a job

  • apply to, e.g. to a passport office

  • apply to do sth, e.g. apply to join english speaking club

7. Benefits – extra money or advantages that you get in addition to your salary.


  • medical insurance

  • car

  • paid vacations

  • childcare

8. Salary – fixed amount of money which you get for your work (weekly, monthly, annually)

E.g. The average salary for a Web Developer in Poland is $57415.

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