Your 1st self study plan – ARTICLES (the, a, an) PART 1

In my last post I wrote that 15 minutes of English is enough to make progress. In stories on my Instagram account I asked you which grammar subject you would like to practice first. It was a close fight but you decided that you want to review ARTICLES – A, AN, THE.


Here is the plan for you for the upcoming week 🙂 Don’t worry! Sign up for my Newsletter and I’ll help you to go through it and learn everything about ARTICLES 😀

DAY 1 definite article THE

  • objects which are considered to be unique (e.g. the sea, the stars, the equator)
  • when we mention sth. for the second time (e.g. Her bike struck a tree; you can still see the mark on the tree.)
  • adding to the noun a phrase or clause (e.g. the building where I met her; the boy in red)
  • a noun which because of the locality can represent only one particular thing (e.g. Please give me the bag. (the bag which is in the wardrobe)
  • before superlatives, first, second (the best, the first day)
  • the + singular noun = a class of animals/things (e.g. The koala is in danger)
  • the + adjective – a class of people (e.g. the young – young people in general)
  • before names of seas, rivers, groups of islands, chains of mountains, plural names of countries, deserts, regions (e.g. the Thames, the Sahara, the Netherlands)
  • before names: noun + of + noun (e.g. the United States of America, the Cape of Good Hope)
  • before names: adjective + noun (e.g. the High Street)
  • before names of choirs, orchestras, pop groups (e.g. the Beatles, the Bach Choir)
  • the + plural name – the name of the family (e.g. the Carringtons)
  • before titles containing “of” (e.g. the Duchess of York)

DAY 2 omission of THE

  • before names of places and names of people except those mentioned above;
  • possessive case (e.g. the girl’s aunt = the aunt of the girl)
  • before the names of meals (e.g. I had eggs for breakfast)
  • before names of games (e.g. My best friend plays tennis.)
  • before parts of the body and pieces of clothing (e.g. Kate took off her jacket.)
  • the word NATURE – the spirit creating the world of plants and animals (e.g. The balance of nature is an enduring concept.)

DAY 3 – revision

This is the plan for the next 3 days. On Thursday I will post part 2.

Are you with me? 😀 Let me know in the comments!


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