ARTICLES (a/an/the) PART 2

Hello my dear students! Let’s go through A/AN! In this post I’m going to teach you how to use them correctly. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I check your progress making quizzes 馃榾 Just learn and have fun! 馃榾

A or AN?

  • A – used before a word beginning with a consonant (a dog, a glove, a car)
  • AN – used before a word beginning with a vowel (a, e ,i , o , u or h) an apple, an apartment, an hour
  • AN – letters spoken with a vowel sound (an MP, an SOS)


  • before singular countable noun, mentioned for the first time, indefinite (e.g. Kate bought a car.)
  • when sing. countable noun, as an example of a class (e.g. A dog needs food. – All dogs need food.)
  • names of professions (e.g. He is an actor.)
  • expressions of quantity (e.g. a dozen, a lot of, a great many)
  • HALF when half follows a whole number (e.g. 2 1/2 kilos = 2 kilos and a half)
  • exclamations before sing. (What a handsome man!)
  • before Mr/ Mrs/ Miss + surname
a Mr BrownMr Brown
a stranger to the speakerthe speaker knows Mr Brown

Counting/ measuring time, distance, weight we can use A/AN or ONE (singular form) e.g. 1$ = a/one dollar 1mln $ = a/one million dollars

  • a little – a small amount; before uncountable nouns (e.g. a little sugar)
  • a few – a small number; before plural nouns (e.g. a few friends)

I hope that now everything is clear for you! 馃檪


English Teacher Paulina

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